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Before I started working a 7-to-6 schedule (provided my work desk is clean), I always felt I understood the concept of work-life balance. I recently began working in the banking sector, and I can assure you that it is “s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l.”

Sincerely, I always imagined that my first work would come with a plush lifestyle and lavish compensation, but in my situation, both aspects of my life are at par. Adulthood don finally give me wetin I no fit handle.

I’ve just been in my job for a month, but my stress level is already 120/100. What happens to my personal life, relationships, and physical well-being? I’m currently writing this at 1 AM while giving up two of my five hours of sleep to plan and organize work-related activities. Because you shouldn’t let your job keep you from your passion. Feed your passion with consistency and intent.

I’ve learned throughout the course of this month to focus on what I want to get out of it, which for me is “experience” (I want a hands-on experience in the field of finance if I ever want to be a leading professional in my field).

Sometimes, we just need to readjust comfort to accommodate pain for us learn.

I’ve learned to plan over the course of my life. Although it is cliché and a song that is overused, James Clear and others show that it is nonetheless effective.

Planning is a discipline that needs to be learned if I’m to succeed as well as some of my role models. Every time I don’t have a plan for the day, I find that I’m less productive, which in turn has an impact on my life by making me hysterical, paranoid, and passive-aggressive.

There are days I have cried to God- because of how much i’m taking all these in- seriously I cry. A colleague of mine has a beautiful habit of taking a walk around the office vicinity in the morning and airing her problems to God- and it has done so much for her personally. Something I have also quickly adopted.

I’ve reached a point where I’m not sure if this is a discipline I must put up with or a work toxicity I’m making room for.
I’m sorry, if you’re reading this in the hopes that my experience would provide you with an answer and make your identical predicament make sense, I apologize.

But, hey! Look on the positive side — my ongoing experience is evidence that you are not overthinking it or experiencing it alone.

I pleaded with God that I didn’t want a career that would distance me from Him. For the sake of God, I didn’t mind losing my friends, family, status, or ambition. But when it comes to my spiritual life, I draw the line, and right now I’m asking God whether this is a test and refining season or a “this isn’t what I have intended for you, get out” moment.

While I’m still trying to make sense of this season, I trust God to see me through it and explain everything that is currently illogical.

The journey is too great to let up on the discipline, therefore I shall continue. My life must be balanced and re-balanced in order to accommodate God. Because I have no life without God.

This is your solution: trust God to balance things out for you.

A just balance and [honest] scales are the Lord’s; All the weights of the bag are His concern [established by His eternal principles]. Prov 16:11

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