Religious Fanatics

I’m not ashamed of Christ

The most difficult thing in life is being a born-again Christian.
It has taken me a while to understand the difficulty that comes with being a true Christian. There are many Christians in the world today but not many find it difficult as I do, maybe just a few do. Because it takes a strong Christian to know the sacrifices that comes with true Christ-likeness.
I have been a Christian for 20 years but I have only known Christ for 6 years and counting. This is after countless number of personal convictions. I like what the journey has exposed me to. There are times I back slide, make mistakes some intentional because I know Jesus is all forgiving and most times I frail…I just frail. And in those mistakes, I have understood that walking this earth and in this kind of world we live in, being a Christian is a very hard decision. I have had to stop trying to justify things that do not represent God’s image, I have had to quit habits I once found satisfaction and in some cases happiness in, I have had to stop keeping company with people who don’t act like Christ, I have had to be a Christian; a true Christian. Not the one who plays by religious doctrines and norms but the one who isn’t ashamed of God, one that will shout out to world about who Jesus is, one that will walk the street carrying the cross of Jesus. This is difficult, because the world quietly prejudices not Christians but “Christ-ains”. I know and acknowledge a lot of worldly things I have to forsake to be who God wants to me to be. It is not easy and to those who are walking along side I in this journey, I want to congratulate you. It isn’t easy to labelled as the ‘church girl or boy” but I love where it is taking me and who it is making me become.
I’m not ashamed to be a ‘Christ-ain’. I will keeping choosing God over and over again, even if the world slams me for it. Being a Christian may be hard but it is the best sacrifice I will keep making for the rest of my life.




Believer| Finance Educator| Graphic Designer| Mental Health Advocate

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The Purple Writer

The Purple Writer

Believer| Finance Educator| Graphic Designer| Mental Health Advocate

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