Q3: Fighting the good fight

…of faith.

The Purple Writer
4 min readOct 15, 2023


I started July on a sober note. The excitement I felt in June started to dwindle. Not that there weren’t things to be enthusiastic about; I just found it challenging to engage in the ongoing activities.

I celebrated my 24th birthday in July, and in the week leading up to it, I found myself in a reflective state. So many good things have happened to me at a young age, but it has raised questions about my uncertain future. What does the future truly hold for me?

On my actual birthday, I pushed myself to believe that it was indeed my special day. The day before had been so exhausting that I couldn’t wake up at my usual 12 a.m. to thank God for my new age.

Fortunately, I woke up at 1 a.m. to commune with God, even though my words faltered and sleep was still in my eyes. I wasn’t satisfied with myself, much like how my spiritual life had been feeling—like a drag.

I struggled to maintain my prayer life, engage in word study, and go for my prayer walks. Some days, this struggle felt more intense than usual. Trying to study a single word a day was a battle in itself. My entire life seemed devoted to work, and I despised myself for it.

When God instructed me to set aside my leadership responsibilities and rest, it was a difficult decision. I felt a lot of people depended on me to show up, and I had already planned numerous future programs. I had publicly announced many of these plans, such as the idea of a physical program, among others.

God corrected me, reminding me that I was merely a steward of His purpose and assignment, in accordance with His will. “You do not own In His Light; you are just a steward.”

This correction led me into a season of rest, and I trust that the ministry God entrusted to me will be cared for. Looking back now, July was a spiritually fulfilling month.

August started with a rejection letter from an international opportunity I had signed up for. But know this: this girl is not giving up.


August began with a rejection letter for an international opportunity I had applied for, but the rejection only strengthened my resolve to not give up.

My mood was lit when I joined my friends in our annual outreach to villages. Here, I spoke to teenagers about Jesus, emphasizing that they are not limited by their circumstances and that there are no boundaries with God. If you can dream it, God can support it.

The outreach rekindled my passion for being an ambassador of God. Promoting God through education is the pinnacle of my purpose, and I’m grateful that August brought me this opportunity to serve.

I also made the leap into full-time work with my customized Christian shirt line. I produced a significant quantity and stocked it in a bookstore that God helped me seal a deal with at a discounted price.

Although I had some reservations about the turnout of sales, I still followed God’s guidance, and to my amazement, more than half of the stock had already sold. As I write, I’ve ordered more shirts, and new designs are available for purchase in the store.

I learned one thing from this experience: In this life, let your confidence rest in God.


September began with my eagerly anticipated photoshoot. I hadn’t worn makeup in over two years, and I captured many moments in between cause knowing me, I don’t know when I will do make-up again.

You can find these on my Instagram page.

However, September also brought an unexpected illness that I had believed was behind me last year. It persisted until the end of the month. The most challenging part wasn’t the illness itself, but how it made me feel.

Of course, I continued to wear a strong face at work and in my other engagements. I maintain my trust in God because He has the final say in this situation. I am confident that I will share my testimony soon. I feel it, and I know it.

On a brighter note, I have overcome my imposter syndrome and am actively building my presence on LinkedIn. I remember when I first attempted to be active on the platform, there was considerable pressure that had a negative impact on me.

God then instructed me to delete the app and work on myself behind closed doors, which I am still doing. God has been shaping me in terms of self-awareness and understanding my journey. I have faith in His plan (even when it’s uncertain). After all, we are talking about God, and He knows my perfect ending.

Overall, quarter three was Great!!!