Men who buy wigs for their women

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Catchy title right! I guessed as much. Now that it has attracted you here, let’s get straight to business.

Wigs are affiliated with women as of the present, and I’m not talking wigs worn by lawyers or by clowns or the ones used as props. I’m talking about thousands of naira worth of wigs. I was once into the business, so I know what I’m talking about here.

Last week I was talking to a guy friend of mine, he was looking to purchase a nice human hair for his girlfriend; her birthday was around the corner. His girlfriend had told him to get her a grade-A human hair (to the guys and ladies clueless about this, it meant money). This was going to cost him about ₦150,000 if not more.

He was alarmed (poor guy) “Why will a woman want to wear a hair of ₦150,000?”. I laughed. Being a salesperson, I told him it was the quality that determined the price and it was only natural for any lady to ask for a good quality hair (right?)

I know most of the guys reading this might consider this as preposterous, more precisely dumb. You can’t imagine spending 150k on human hair when it’s not like women don’t have hair, even if so, you still can’t spend that much on hair.

Another friend of mine said this when I approached him with this topic “God forbid bad thing, when there are teddy bear and chocolate.” I laughed again. Which woman in this 21st century still finds flowers and teddy bears romantic; some still do (but a majority are grown if you know what I mean)

And just in case you’re wondering, he bought the 150k wig. “Women and their demands” he said. That I didn’t find funny. What is “women and their demands” How about “men and their spending”.

This, my friend, isn’t Dangote’s kid neither does he have a business of his own. He is a student whose net worth is tied to his parents’ 60 thousand allowances every month. Buying a 150k worth of wig for his girlfriend was dumb. As much as I will tell my fellow women to stop demanding for outrageous things, likewise, I will tell guys to curtail their spending.

Love and money is a very dangerous mix for both men and women. It’s more like investing money into your emotions, very risky investment I must say. There is absolutely nothing bad in spending money on someone you love (I love it when a guy goes out of his way to buy me something nice, most girls do) but never at the expense of his income.

In my personal experience and that of my friends and family, I have come across male reckless spenders (there are women too, chill for my subsequent article). When it comes to their relationship, it’s either they are overspending or underspending, while a few fall in between. Take a look at the list below and pick your category. This peculiarly is a deal-breaker for me.

BOP daddy’s of 21st century

Eyin omo wobe! If you’re familiar with the song, you should already know the set of people that dance to this tune. Our able children of Dangote, “do you know who my father is” gang, politician pikin “I will buy you the world” gang. Good! You get the picture. These are 21st century big boys, driving cars college professor’s car only dream of and fat account all-expense paid by daddy and mummy.

One peculiar thing about this category of men is, if they have the money, they will gladly spend it on their women. To them it’s nothing. They aren’t working for the money, hence spending it recklessly comes by instinct. I call this, rich daddy syndrome.

They are mostly frugal spenders and impulse buyers. They will shower you with money (I mean this literary). There isn’t anything they wouldn’t buy just to appease the ones they love and prove that they’re big boys. They love to show off amongst their friends, buying things they might not necessarily need. Girls dating this category of men are sometimes termed lucky.

Although not all these BOP daddies are dependent on their parents, some of them have a business they leverage on.

Some of these men, if not careful do fall into the nest category I’m about to talk about.

Suckers for love

While these guys are sweet and very generous, they often fall into the nest of being taken advantage off. There is a thin line between being a giver and getting duped. These men are emotional saints. They liken giving to their girlfriends with making it to heaven. They’re angel givers. Your wish is always their command.

They spare no expense in seeing that their loved ones are happy, no matter how extravagant the demand is. This kind of men can in no way have savings (laye, laye).

Most ladies will kill for men like this (awon ole) but the ripple effect often leads to bad debt. And when this happens, you won’t see her brake light again (for ladies who are money-oriented).

Don’t be a fool for love!

The Debtors

You don’t get to see these kinds at first sight. He drives a Mercedes Benz (latest model), he lives in a house on the Island, works in an oil and gas company and also has a debt calling his name in the background. You don’t hear it, because it’s silent. You may not know, the Mercedes Benz is still being purchased on instalment, his landlord may be clamouring for his 3-month delayed rent, plus several other debts amongst friends and family

These guys live life on the hour. They spend before they earn. Their lifestyle is nothing but a charade, he knows it, I know it, but you don’t. Stay woke!

And mind you, his no Lannister (figure)

Mr Capable

These guys are the ones I advise ladies to stay clear of. They can buy you 500k wigs, Rolex watches, cars, houses, etc. to the extent they can buy you a private Island. Oh yes! After all, they are capable. They necessarily don’t have to be rich, they will do anything just so you don’t have to think of them of as less.

Generally speaking, men hate when women think they’re incapable of doing something, it’s like a punch on their ego (which is a good thing). They will please their significant other at any cost, whatsoever.

Mind you they’re not suckers for love. No, sir! They don’t spend based on their feelings or emotions. These are sharp guys. They will buy you the world, just to impress you (I didn’t say sleep with you o). The more impressed you are; the greater their ego.

To him, his girlfriend is like a measure of his financial capability, the more he can spend on her, the more of a man he becomes. (lame right) Well, these men exist.

Honey Bees

While there are show-offs and suckers of love, there are also Honey Bees. Like the honey bee, they sting; stingy sting (awon akagon). This is the category my other friend falls under. Honey Bees hold on to their money like their lives depends on it. These group of guys find it very hard to spend money on their significant other (whether mother, sister or girlfriend). If they decide to buy you something nice, thank your father in heaven cause that kind of miracle rarely happens. If it does happen, cherish it for as long as possible.

My roommate’s boyfriend once bought her a perfume, which she used for an entire year simply because she knew she won’t be getting such a gift from him anytime soon. Mind you, this level of stinginess has nothing to do with their financial capability. Because I have met well to do men (working-class men) who find it difficult to buy a common sanitary pad for their girlfriends, everything to them is a waste of money.

Borrow, borrow make me shine

I hail these oga’ at the top. They are who I call ‘Low budget BOP Daddies’ they have nothing to their name. Everything you see them own is mostly borrowed, from the shirt they wear all down to their boxers (this shouldn’t come as a shock, we all know someone in this category). These guys go the length of borrowing money from their colleagues to sponsor their babes.

“How far guy, you fit lend me 50k, I wan do something quick, quick” something you might hear them say.

Some even throw pity party around, anything to get money from their friends to impress their girls. And my gosh, many ladies fall for this. They will borrow their friend’s car and cruise around calling themselves “Lagos big-boys”. Almost everything they have belongs to at least 100 different people.

These men often jump from fire to molten magma within a few months. In the bid to please their women they will out scale the ladder of “borrow, borrow make me shine to debtors” given the fact that almost everything they have is on loan.

These kinds of guys can go into depression when a lady leaves them because they have invested not just borrowed possessions but their whole heart to the relationship. Now they will have to face a world with no girlfriend and a pile load of debt. And added to his list of misery, shame.

Naira Bet Gang

The Naira Bet Gang are the worst of the worst. Amazingly, many guys fall into this category. They bet on anything bet able, from football games to their houses, cars, salary, or allowances, etc. dey fit even bet their very existence (ok, maybe that’s extreme) The point is, their income is solely made from gambling.

These guys like easy money — without having to work for it. Naira Bet Gang have a big problem when it comes to spending on their significant other. The more money they make, the more money they gamble. It’s like an addiction.

According to research carried out by The National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcoholism and Related Conditions (NESARC), men tend to start gambling at an earlier age, in their late teens or early 20s.

So be cautious! Gamblers are early bloomers.

Modest Spender

This is the category most guys want to be in. They are the ones who fall in between. They don’t suck at love, so won’t fall victims of being duped. Modest spenders often work on a budget. They know how to balance spending money on their girlfriend without having to run into bad debt. I’m personally a sucker for these kinds of guys.

Whether or not they have excess money, they know best how to allocate their finances appropriately. You can’t see them spending like every day is Christmas. The only time you see them spending on the high side is probably compensation for a long time of moderate spending. I consider them the Captain America of finance. Everyone wants to be this guy. I want to be this guy.


Everything na hustle o. Hustlers are hard workers and risk-takers. They grab opportunities by the knob and jump right into it. You can’t easily swindle these kinds of guys. No way! They know what it’s like to work the extra to make money and won’t easily throw cash around, not even for love.

Be careful not to mistake them from Honey Bess; they’re not stingy. They just place a lot of value on the money they make, hence are less frugal in spending. They keep track of their expenses very well. When in need of money you can easily count on them, they are that nice.

But beware! While these guys are good money lenders, they never forget about the money they loaned you. Love and money are two separate things for them. Don’t ever joke with their money.

My candid advice to these categories of men is short and simple.

Stop bragging with daddy’s money. Make yours or leverage on the one available to you. Not much respect is given to men who are solely dependent on their parent’s fortune. Tone down the extravagance, you’re not Tony Stark. And I don’t mean the iron suit.

It’s rather silly for you as a man to fall victim of a swindler because of love (very silly) There is a fine line between giving and being taken advantage of. Be wise!

What point is there spending profligately on a woman when you have bad debt. That’s foolishness. You already know what to do. I don’t need to tell you.

The belief that frugal spending is tied to one’s ability to be a man is a different height of stupidity. If your expenses make you better as a man, then you require therapy bro (that’s not how this works)

To the men who hold on to money like their life is dependent on it. You just might be right. Because, no logical woman will stay long with a tight-fisted man, but not to worry, you still get to keep your life (excuse the pun)

Stop borrowing generation upon generation just to impress a woman. At this rate, you will incur a bad debt or catch a disease (ni to ri Olorun, boxers???)

Gambling your money and assets is a big-time financial risk. A dumb risk to be more precise. In the long run, you just might gamble your very life. Enjoy while it lasts.

Love and money are like a monopoly. If you gamble your finance and your emotion, you’re bound to have reoccurring losses.

When you come to think of it, money is the number one issue among married couples. If you’re a man and you know within yourself that you fall within the first 7 categories of guys mentioned, there is still time for self-improvement.

Women have demands, but as a guy, you’re expected to know how to manage it. Learning how to balance your love life and your wallet goes a long way. Trust me, you don’t want to be caught up in debt over a woman, you will end up hating yourself and your woman.

Financial literacy is very important for both men and women, alike. Set a budget for every aspect of your life and make sure you adhere to it. Don’t go buying 150k worth of wig for any lady when you know you can only afford 30k.

Most importantly, in any relationship, be honest about your finances, this applies to both the oldies and youngies. Stop claiming Lagos big boy when you know your spending is Omo ologi. Stop exaggerating your lifestyle to fit in or look good, in the long-run the mask always falls off.

If a lady still doesn’t like you for your modest and honest pocket, ja omo ye si le (forget her). Don’t go breaking the bank over one woman’s head.

Our generation needs more financially literate men. You say money isn’t anything when it comes to love, you’re kidding yourself, in the long-run money becomes almost everything.



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