I’m tired of writing.

Finding inspiration in unsolicited places

Praise Adeola
4 min readMay 24, 2024
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Lately, I have felt uninspired to write, which is ironic considering how much writing I have done for job applications, grants, and scholarships — it’s exhausting. There have been days when the idea of giving up writing, creating, or any form of creative output has crossed my mind.

Sometimes, I have thoughts like, “How far do you think your work will go?” “You are a local champion,” and “No one is interested in what you write, give up.” In those moments, it is incredibly hard to find the motivation to continue writing or producing content

It is harder because not many people online share the struggles of their journey. Much of the content you encounter on social media is about big achievements and luxurious living. These are the stories that sell the most, and garner the likes and attention, but they are also the stories that, if not properly detailed from start to finish, inspire the least or inspire the wrong actions.

How to find inspiration to keep going

Inspiration often never finds you; you have to go searching for it. For me, I find my inspiration in three ways:

1. Unfollowing “Influencers” Who Inspire Me Wrongly

I don’t mean wrongly in a “negative” sense, but in an unhealthy way. Back in 2021, there were people my age sharing their achievements online. Some were buying houses, using the latest iPhone, travelling abroad, or breaking glass ceilings in their academics and careers.

Their stories were inspiring in that they made me feel “I can do it too,” but deep inside, it was burdening and made me feel I was failing or not moving at a “standard” pace in life — which eventually led to unhealthy self-comparison and envy.

So, I unfollowed everyone who made me feel this way and redirected that energy to developing myself. After unfollowing and watching less of their content, I realised I had gained a lot of good inspiration and ideas from these people’s stories, but I hadn’t applied it to my life — I always watched them on screen but failed to put in the work to develop myself.

Whatever you envy is simply what you have capacity for. Channel the energy to change your life — Pastor Ayo Ajani.

2. Listening to Sermons and Speeches of Great People

It’s a cliché, but it has consistently worked for me. Whenever I’m uninspired, I listen to the sermons of four great people — Ibukun Awosika, Pastor Ayo Ajani, Bishop David Oyedepo (my spiritual father), and Apostle Joshua Selman.

I go to YouTube and search for their latest teachings and interviews, or I search for specific topics such as “diligence,” “obedience,” and “building capacity” taught by them. I specifically listen to them for four reasons:

  • They possess wisdom and experience compared to the younger generations.
  • They always share their past mistakes and how they overcame them. Their teachings are very practical and humbling.
  • They have trodden the paths I am heading towards.
  • They are believers in Jesus Christ and exemplify that in everything they do.

3. Reading Books

In this millennial age, people are less keen on reading books. With the advent of short videos, short-form content, and AI, the valuable information from reading books is often overlooked, which is unfortunate because books contain layers of information on topics beyond their titles or genres.

For example, I have been reading “Think Faster, Talk Smarter” by Matt Abrahams. The book’s goal is to help its readers speak successfully when put on the spot, but it has taught me much more about public speaking, relationships, human behaviour, etc. It has inspired some of my articles here.

Best Advice

These are my sources of inspiration when I feel “discouraged,” “troubled,” or “unworthy.” Try finding yours. It will make your life’s journey a lot easier and smoother.

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Think over the things I am saying [grasp their application], for the Lord will grant you insight and understanding in everything.

2 Timothy 2:7 (AMP)

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